What is Content Mint?

Content Mint is a stock footage library, providing content creators with a diverse range of high quality video content for professional use. The Content Mint library spans 3 decades and covers many regions and countries. Content Mint was formerly known as Absolutely Wild Visuals.

Content Mint is an Australian company, and is a part of WildBear Entertainment.

How do I access stock footage from Content Mint?

You can use the search functions and filters of this website to view video files that Content Mint has available to licence.

Watermarked video preview files (screeners) can be downloaded from this website, by users who have created an account. These preview files must only be used for testing, editing and proof of concept purposes. No other use of preview files is permitted.

Please be aware that master files cannot be accessed or downloaded from this website.

How much does the footage cost?

Content Mint stock footage is licensed at a per-second cost, which is in Australian Dollars. Please see our pricing page for costs.

There is a 30 second minimum for all footage orders. Please note, we do not license UHD/4K video at HD prices.

How do I purchase/license footage from Content Mint?

When you have decided which clips you wish to license, and how many seconds of each, you can eitheradd the clips to cart on the website and proceed to payment or; email sales@contentmint.com.au with the names of the clips you wish to purchase.

Upon receipt of full payment, Content Mint will issue an invoice, which doubles as the footage license. They will then use web file transfer to deliver the master files (see below)

What is the format of Content Mint footage?

Content Mint uses industry standard, widely compatible formats and codecs for video files. These formats are supported by many consumer and professional video softwares. Preview files are in MP4 file format with H264 encoded video.

Master files are always delivered in the format and resolution listed on the individual clip page. If you require a different format, we can assist with conversion/transcoding (technical fees may apply). If you wish to know more about the technical characteristics of our footage, please contact us.

How long will it take to receive purchased footage?

We always aim to deliver purchased master footage to customers within 2 business days of receiving full payment. In exceptional circumstances, or for very large orders, it may take longer, but this will be communicated to the customer.

If you require expedited or guaranteed turnaround, please contact us to discuss prior to making a purchase.

How will I receive purchased footage?

Content Mint uses the web-based file delivery service WeTransfer to deliver files. For large file deliveries, an Aspera file transfer may be necessary.

The customer has 3 calendar months from the time of delivery to retrieve their own copy of all files. Beyond 3 calendar months, Content Mint will endeavour to re-deliver any files when presented with a valid footage license, although this may incur additional technical fees.

Content Mint may also be able to upload files directly to a server or platform of the customers choosing, but please contact us to discuss prior to purchasing.

Do you offer discounts, or free licensing?

We are happy to discuss bulk discounting for large orders. Please contact us to find out more.

Unfortunately, Content Mint is unable to offer any free licensing at this time.

Do you offer footage research?

Content Mint staff can share lightboxes with customers who are interested in a specific species or location, free of charge.

Research for a large footage brief (e.g. >2 species), or research into specific behaviours will incur an hourly footage research charge, as detailed on the Pricing Page. Footage research fees are to be paid in full, prior to delivery of any preview video files.

Do you license photos, music or other digital media?

Content Mint is a stock footage library for professionals in the broadcast and entertainment industry. At this time, we do not represent or license any non-video content.

Can Content Mint sell my footage?

We are always keen to talk with potential collaborators. If you are interested in Content Mint becoming a sales agent for your footage collection, please contact us.